LOS RESTOS: Agamenón vuelve a casa (1996 / 1997)

José Zorrilla prize 1996


The tramp comes back to the house where more than fifteen years ago, he abandoned his wife and his little daughter. But the time has taken revenge and the Tramp arrived too late, to be exact a couple of hours late. If he has arrived earlier, he would have stopped the tragedy. The girl, who welcomes him and he supposed at the beginning and then checks that is her daughter is full of blood. Her hands are red. On the floor of the room, the Tramp can see the bodies of both his wife and her lover.

Along the drama, there are "daily" situations where the characters´ dialogue tries to delay the inevitable moment when Tragedy takes possession of the situation. This dialogue is used to increase the time in between the emergency and the effects of the catastrophe. In the acts, there are two kinds of scenes: the "episodes" where the characters try to stop the time and the monologues where the characters deepen into the past. Both the Tramp and the girl remember the moments of their life which have related them with the tragedy. The deepest background of the characters is linked to the tragic destiny of the mythical heroes.

Through the monologues and giving an account of the events, they discover their destiny because the diary space is overwhelmed by reality; it means that nothing can be written.

Approximately length: 90 minutes

The recommended minimum number of actors: 2 (a man and a woman)