LOS RESTOS: Fedra (1996 / 1997)

The second prize in the 1998 SGAE theatre prize.
Finalist of the National Dramatic Literature award in 2000.

Fedra is a foreigner, a stranger. Teseo picks her up in a port of her country. A country impoverished by a fratricidal war, a country full of rest. Teseo marries her, but, from a previous marriage, he has a son, Hipolito who is older than her.

LOS RESTOS: FEDRA " just takes the protagonist: Fedra and Hipolito from the classical story. Teseo´s character is nearly absent; he is just represented by the choir, also amplifies and makes real the fear, the anguish and the desire present on the feminine character´s conscience. The structure of the scenes follows a chronological order similar to the one in the myth and the internal development of the feminine character´s conscience. The story is inspires in a remote past nearly as legendary as Mino´s daughter. The climax of Fedra´s destiny comes when she rocks in her arms the dying body of her stepson, who couldn´t be her lover, while Teseo´s ship comes from dead to the port. A new mythical figure is created from elements that belong to previous myths.

The investigation proposed in "Los Restos: Fedra" is not only an archeological one but also the search for a lively and new theatre form and tragedy procedures that the psychological drama has replaced or in the worst case simplified. It tries to rescue them in order to show that nowadays they are more vivid than other kind of theatre based on natural reconstruction.

Approximately length: 90 - 120 minutes

The recommended minimum number of actors: 2 (a man and a woman) + the choir

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